Jane Haslem Gallery

Lincoln Perry
Picturing Will, 1993
oil on canvas
image 96 x 82"

Established in 1960, the Jane Haslem Gallery is enjoying it's 53rd year in business.

2025 Hillyer Place NW
Washington DC 20009

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tel 202 232 4644
contact: haslem@mac.com

Jane Haslem, CEO & Owner

20th and 21st century America prints, paintings, and works on paper

Scholar, entrepreneur, innovator, art dealer, and web site founder, Jane Haslem opened her first gallery in Chapel Hill NC, the state's first gallery as well. The gallery was relocated to Madison, WI in 1965 and then to Washington, DC in 1969. The gallery has held various locations throughout DC, and is now settled in Dupont Circle. 

The gallery's focus is prints, paintings, and other works on paper by American artists. Haslem is a member of the International Fine Print Dealers Association and a founder of the Art Dealers Association of Greater Washington.

In 1995, Haslem created the first vetted international web site for commercial art dealers, www.artline.com. Two years later www.artlinePlus was established to promote the greater Washington DC area.

Haslem is CEO of the gallery and artline.com. She is preparing catalogue raisonnés of gallery artists past and present.

Upcoming Events at Jane Haslem Gallery : September - October

Waterfall, by Peter Milton
Peter Milton
Waterfall, 2010

A question in printmaking: Digital vs Digital

September 18 - October 31

Discussion with the artists
Saturday - September 21 - 2-4 pm

reservations required
Queen Anne's Lace, Anne Chesnut
Anne Chesnut
Queen Anne's Lace, 2013

The Print Council of American has agreed, at last, that digital prints may be accepted as true original prints with some specifications. Original prints made using the computer as a tool are fine, except digital prints that are copies of other works of original art are copies or reproductions. Digital prints should be small limited editions. signed, titled and numbered by the artist.
The Green Room, by Peter Milton
Peter Milton
The Green Room, 2010

Sampler: Winter Blackwork 1, by Anne Chesnut
Anne Chesnut
Sampler: Winter Blackwork #1, 2013

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